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Tuan Tran 

Vice President 

Professional Experience

For more than 30 years as a management consultant and most recently as a Senior Principal at Deloitte, Tuan has helped commercial, government, and public services clients transform service delivery models to reduce cost, improve quality, and enhance customer satisfaction. His experience includes the implementation of multiple service delivery models, programmatic evaluation and transformation, business case development, effective governance design, and implementation of complex enterprise IT systems.


He brings a unique perspective to the land development field, leveraging his expertise in transformation and service delivery to streamline projects, reduce costs, and ensure successful outcomes.


Highlights of Tuan's Expertise:

Program Delivery Transformation: Tuan has a proven track record of leading complex projects, applying his knowledge to identify inefficiencies and implement innovative solutions. This can involve streamlining permitting processes, improving communication between stakeholders, and leveraging new technologies for program management.

Programmatic Evaluation and Transformation: Tuan excels at assessing existing land development projects, identifying areas for improvement, and designing data-driven plans to optimize project timelines, budgets, environmental impact, and stakeholder satisfaction.

Business Case Development: Tuan is skilled at crafting compelling business cases that clearly demonstrate the financial viability of land development projects. He considers factors like construction costs, future property values, and potential tax benefits to present a strong investment opportunity.

Effective Governance Design: Tuan understands the importance of clear decision-making structures in complex projects. He helps establish governance frameworks that ensure all stakeholders are involved and informed throughout the land development process.


Tuan's extensive experience is an asset for Diamondback Investment Group in its continuing efforts to:

• Improve project efficiency and reduce costs.

• Deliver high-quality land development projects.

• Navigate complex permitting processes.

• Ensure successful project outcomes that benefit both developers and communities.

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