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Zach Tran

Zach Tran is the Founder and Managing Member of Diamondback Investment Group. After studying Economics at the University of Maryland, Zach spent the next two decades gaining firsthand experience in real estate, working his way up from intern to construction manager at a North Carolina construction company to eventually owning his own development company. Over his career, Zach has spearheaded many major development properties in North Carolina, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. With an example being, The Retreat at the Park, a luxury residential property in Burlington which he completed as an individual contractor and sold for just under $35MM


In 2016, Zach founded Diamondback Investment Group with a goal to synthesize his experience and form a team that could help him take on multiple projects. Since its inception, Diamondback has since grown and gained traction in the local marketplace, earning a reputation for their professionalism and capable execution.

Currently, Zach both works in the business and on the business while driving the overall vision of the company. His day-to-day focus includes land acquisition, raising equity, lender relations, and overseeing the finances.


In 2017, Zach brought in his partner, Hal Kern. Zach is also the founder of the Kern-Tran Foundation, a faith based philanthropic organization focused on ministry and serving underserved communities in the U.S. and countries such as India and Guatemala. Zach currently lives with his family in Burlington, NC. He enjoys tennis, travel, and being a father of five.

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